Forehead Lift

No matter how much you look after your diet of heath, the signs of aging will eventually start appearing on you, and the forehead usually shows the first signs of aging. Wrinkles gradually start to appear around the forehead and the skin around the forehead, face and skin starts to sag, thereby making you look older and ruining your facial appearance and personality. While cosmetic formulas and creams may be helpful to some extent, their cosmetic effect is temporary at best.

So what could be the permanent and long-lasting solution for the wrinkles and loose skin around your forehead? A forehead lift procedure is the best cosmetic option for you to get rid of your wrinkles so that you can enjoy youthful looks and charming appearance.

What is Forehead Lift Procedure?

A forehead lift procedure, also known as a brow-lift is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to remove wrinkles, sagging skin and to lower the hairline around your forehead, thereby removing the signs of aging on your face and making you look younger and more youthful. Sometimes, a forehead lift procedure is also combined with an eyelid surgery to achieve the best cosmetic results.

Who can benefit from a Forehead lift Procedure?

You can benefit from a forehead-lift procedure, if:

  • You are not happy with your smile and facial appearance.
  • You have heavy wrinkles around you forehead.
  • You have “hooding eyes” and forehead furrows that ruin your smile and personality.
  • You have a receding hairline.
  • You want to boost your self-confidence by appearing more youthful.
  • You want to impress people with your charming smile.

How is the Forehead Lift Procedure Performed?

To achieve best results, a forehead lift procedure is usually combined with other cosmetic procedures like facelift, nose-reshaping and eye-lid surgery. Since this is a surgical procedure, it will be performed under a local anesthesia in combination with twilight sedation. Sometimes, a general anesthesia may be required in case of an apprehensive patient or an extensive procedure. The current surgical technique involves the use of very small incisions and an endoscope to carry out the operation.

The surgical procedure involves the following steps:

  • Preparing the Surgical Site – before the procedure is started, your cosmetic surgeon will shave the hair that are present in the area where the incision has to be made. However, care is taken not to make the incision scar visible after the procedure, especially if you are balding or have a high hairline.
  • Making the Incision – The doctor will then carefully make an incision at the pre-determined site, followed by the removal of excessive fat, loose muscles and skin tissue from the forehead region. Location of the incision usually varies with the type of surgical approach that has been planned for the patient.
  • Suturing the Skin – once the procedure has been performed, the surgeon will tightly place the skin back and suture it carefully so as to minimize the presence of a scar.

After the Operation

After the procedure has been completed, the surgeon will wash your face and scalp, and place a surgical dressing over the forehead. You need to take care of the following things after the procedure:

  • Keep Your Forehead Elevated – this will prevent swelling and edema formation.
  • Don’t Touch the Surgical Site – it can impair the healing process.
  • Avoid Smoking – it can also slow down the healing process.
  • Avoid Contact Sports – avoid any heavy physical activity or contact sports for at least 6-8 weeks.

How Soon Can I Get Back to Work?

After the procedure, you should take complete bed rest for 1-2 days. However, you should not get back to work for at least another 7-8 days, so as to make sure that complete healing has taken place.

What is the Cost of a Forehead Lift Procedure?

The total cost of a forehead lift procedure is dependent upon the complexity of the procedure and the esthetic expectations of the patients.  you want to know more about cost ? please visit the following site:



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