Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement or breast implant surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed to enhance the shape, contour and size of the breasts with the help of different implants.

Who Can Benefit from a Breast Implant Surgery?

All women above 18 years of age are suitable candidates for this procedure. A breast implant surgery may be required in the following cases:

  • After Mastectomy – partial or complete removal of a single or both breasts is sometimes required for the surgical treatment of breast cancer. A breast implant restores the shape and size of the breasts.
  • Genetically Missing Breasts –one or both breasts are sometimes genetically absent in a few females. This problem is corrected with the help of breast implants.
  • Esthetic Reasons – some women are not happy with the appearance or shape of their breasts and undergo a breast implant surgery to have bigger and perkier breasts.

What are the Different Types of  Breast Implants?

Generally, two types of implants are used for breast augmentation surgery:

  • Saline Implants – these implants consist of a silicone shell that has been filled with saline and distilled water. They have an advantage of being safer than the silicone implants.
  • Silicone Implants – silicone implants are shells made from silicone and consist of silicone present in the gel form. Many women prefer the silicone implants over saline due to their superior esthetics. However, silicone implants are more harmful in case of a leakage of the implant.

Breast Implant Surgery Procedure

Getting breast implants may require multiple visits to your cosmetic surgeon:

  • Medical Examination – before starting the procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will first make sure that you are a suitable candidate for getting breast implants, by performing a detailed medical examination and having a look at your medical records.
  • Administering the Anesthesia – breast implant surgery is usually carried out under the effect of general anesthesia, and may take up to 2-3 hours to complete.
  • Making the incision – an incision is made around the breasts to expose the underlying breast tissue.
  • Placing the Implants – the implant is then carefully placed back into its required position, such that it lies between the breast fat and muscles.
  • Suturing and Dressing – once the procedure is complete, the surgical site is sutured and the dressing is placed to ensure healing.


Patients are usually allowed to go home after the surgery. However, in some cases, they may have to stay overnight. You may fell slight to moderate discomfort in your breasts, however, it soon fades away after a few day. After the surgery, you should make sure to adhere to your surgeon’s instructions and to avoid heavy and strenuous exercises.

How much does Breast Implant Surgery Cost?

The cost of breast implant surgery varies according to the patient’s functional requirements and esthetic desires. However if you need more information please visit : www.clinicadecirugiacosmetica.com


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