2_MAYO_CIRUGIAS_QUE_BUSCAN_LOS_HOMBRES.jpgIt is becoming more common for men of all ages to decide to enhance their appearance with cosmetic surgery.

In United States 1.3 million of all cosmetic procedures were undergone by men last year, which means that men underwent 1 in every 10 cosmetic surgeries.

Although, women still have the advantage over this regard, the reality is that surgeries for men are gaining momentum and increasingly more men want to enhance their appearance with the help of a cosmetic surgeon.

Depending on the age of the patient, there are procedures that are more popular, for example, the most popular surgeries for men over 40 years old are:


It is a procedure to rejuvenate the face, neck, and jawline by repositioning the muscles that weaken with age. The excessive skin is removed to give the face a smoother appearance and allow facial rejuvenation.

This procedure is popular among men that feel that their facial skin is flaccid and want to have a more youthful appearance.


This procedure, also known as eyelid surgery, removes bags under the eyes and cuts excessive skin of the lower eyelids. Age is not important to determine if you are a candidate for this surgery, if you notice that the eyelid skin is becoming loose, you have bags under your eyes, and/or your appearance in the mirror or photos seems “tired” or “sad”, blepharoplasty could reverse these facial aging signs.

That is why, many men use facial cosmetic surgery and rejuvenate their face.


This procedure is very popular because it defines and shapes the masculine chest area.

Due to hormonal issues, being overweight, some medications, or other health reasons, men breasts could grow, so gynecomastia gives the chest a more toned, manly, and natural appearance.


Nose cosmetic surgery consists on remodeling the nose bone and cartilage with aesthetic and functional objectives to give you a better profile.

Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to improve the appearance of your face and harmonize your features, which enhances your beauty. This way, you can have a more balanced look and enhance your facial appearance in general.


Chin surgery usually is recommended in combination with rhinoplasty to achieve a great profile.

It is a simple procedure that takes 30 minutes and has as its main objective to modify the chin to increase or reduce its size, resulting in a better proportioned and manly appearance.

These are some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries among men. However, you can talk to a trusted doctor to know which procedure he/she recommends for correcting or enhancing any part of your body.

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