Korean women are admired and envied worldwide because their skin is so perfect and radiant.

However, nationality is not a decisive factor to have beautiful skin, the care and beauty routine you follow is. It is here where Korean women shine.

Since childhood, they learn to take care of their skin with exfoliation, moisturizing, and protection. Thus, the habit is formed, and over the years, pays off with a spectacular skin.

These are some health and beauty secrets that Korean women follow, step by step, that you can incorporate to your daily beauty routine to show off a skin as beautiful as theirs.


Hydration is key for having a skin free from imperfections. According to the routine of Korean women, you should use different moisturizing products which penetrate the skin better and have greater effectiveness.

To keep yourself hydrated, you should first wash your face with water only. The reason for this is that the natural oil that your skin produces has moisturizing properties that help the skin glow.

After that, keep a water based spray in your purse and apply it during the day to keep your skin moisturized.  

Use “cushion” makeup. Cushion makeup was invented in Korea and it is an excellent way to keep a natural look and not dehydrate your skin.

Finally, enhance your beauty with sheet masks. The popularity of these masks has increased significantly in the last few years, and Korean women use them at least two to three times per week.


Korean women frequently exfoliate their face and body. They usually go to saunas or take long baths before exfoliating to open their pores and improve results.

It is important to use hot and cold towels to open or close your pores before exfoliating and applying products.


Proper sun protection is vital for an excellent dermal health.

Korean women apply sunscreen with a 50 or higher FPS constantly, even in rainy days or when they are indoors.

Nutrition and Rest

One of the most important tips to look beautiful is to not only rely on the products you apply on your skin. True radiant skin starts with your eating habits and rest.

A healthy diet and sleeping at least 8 hours every night are key to take care of your skin and look beautiful. Try to go to bed at 10:00 pm, Koreans consider that the time between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am is when the skin revitalizes more.

These are tips that, without a doubt, you can use and include in your beauty routine that will enhance the appearance of your skin and make you look more beautiful.

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