After undergoing a cosmetic surgery you are half way to enhance your appearance. Knowing how to take care of yourself during this time is extremely important to achieve the results you have always dreamed of.

Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions about the immediate care you should follow, with a schedule and a prescription, you´ll have to take pills and antibiotics to reduce the pain and swelling.

Most important, you´ll need to be very meticulous when taking care of wounds, so you can obtain the cosmetic results your are looking for.

The First 24 Hours

Regardless of the extent of the procedure, the first 24 hours after a surgery are key for a good recovery.

During this period, complications or bleeding could happen. No matter if your procedure requires you to spend the night in the hospital or if it was an outpatient procedure, you should communicate with medical staff and inform him/her about any problem you may have.

Also, it is important to have the support of a family member or friend that could assist you in getting dressed, feeding yourself, and taking over some other personal needs during the first few days.

After Care

When you go home, it is important that you follow the instructions that the nurse gave you for taking care of the wounds.

Depending on the cosmetic procedure, the level of care and instructions may vary. It involves how you should wash the wound, the best outfits, garmets or protection you should use, as well as the physical activities you can or cannot do.  You should also pay attention to what you eat, avoid alcohol and smoking.

In order to have an optimal healing process, you should avoid sun exposure, clean your wounds thoroughly, use if necessary, a compression girdle or garment, and follow the instructions of your surgeon.

Follow-up Must Be your Priority

The most important post-surgical care is your follow up appointments with your surgeon.

Your surgeon will tell you the frequency of your appointments, but you must pay special attention to them.

With your follow-up appointments, you will make sure that everything goes right or, if necessary, you will identify the corrective steps necessary to achieve a total recovery with perfect results.

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