Beauty cannons in nature are based on proportions and harmony.

The same applies to your face. Face’s profile harmony is based on the shape, size, position, and proportions of the nose (specially) and chin as compared to other important features of the face.

By enhancing the proportion of parts or quarters of the face, it is possible to achieve the desired profile, and commonly, the middle quarter is the one that creates harmony, which highlights your features and enhances the beauty of your face.

Therefore, it is important to assess if you are looking to improve your profile, and if rhinoplasty surgery (also known as nose job), alone or combined with another procedure, is the ideal option to achieve harmony in your face.

What's a rhinoplasty?

It is a surgical procedure that remodels nasal cartilage and bone to form an aesthetically pleasant and functional nose.

It is considered a complex cosmetic surgery because it is a very delicate procedure and because of the results it can have.

The procedure is done by making hidden incisions inside the nose, and in some cases, hidden incisions in the skin of the nostrils are needed too.

The surgeon sculptures carefully the bone and cartilage to obtain an ideal, functional and naturally looking nose.

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery done with regional anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

Some of the reasons why patients consider undergoing this procedure are:

  • The patient wants a straighter nose.
  • The patient wants narrower nostrils.
  • The patient thinks his/her nose is too big compared to the rest of the face.
  • The patient considers that his/her nasal tip does not have an ideal projection.

Benefits of nose surgery

Aesthetic: helps harmonize face proportions, achieving balance in the patient’s facial features.

Functional: helps improve breathing difficulties, consequence from injury, fracture, or birth defects.

How to have an ideal profile?

Do you remember that we mentioned that the middle quarter contributes to face harmony? It is possible that in order to achieve the profile of your dreams and enhance your beauty cannons, you can combine rhinoplasty with chin augmentation, or undergo facial liposculpture.

Talk to your surgeon to know what he advises and take into account his professional opinion to identify how you can enhance your beauty even more.

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