Facial volume loss is one of the main signs of aging. With time, skin loses volume and tightness, and face contours become less defined.

But, what does the face volume loss mean? How do you know that you are going through it?

Besides the inevitable natural aging process, there are different factors that influence it, related to the person´s characteristics such as genetics, skin type, hormonal levels, and ethnic features that make the skin naturally resistant to certain aging consequences. Also, other external factors interfere, like continuous sun exposure, smoking, drinking, among others.

Facelift (or rhytidectomy) is a cosmetic surgery procedurethat helps rejuvenating the facial and neck area.

Generally, men and women over 45 years old undergo this surgery; however, age is not an issue when deciding on this procedure. 

Therefore, when deciding if you undergo this procedure or not, you should take into consideration: what is the result you are looking for, what is the more noticeable feature for you and others that can not be concealed with makeup, beautician treatments or with similar non-surgical alternatives like fillings, botox or collagen injections.

The emotion behind wanting to look better

As time goes by and you start to notice aging signs, it is normal for you to feel the need of looking younger without having to undergo drastic changes.

In general, both men and women want to undergo this procedure because they simply want a fresh and relaxed face, appropriate for their age.

Some call it vanity, but for others it is an investment. Do you want to look younger, with a fresher look, and you can afford it? Why not do it?

Many patients choose undergoing a facelift because they work in sales or they have public exposure in their work, and they need to project an excellent image to their clients. Regardless of the emotional reasons that motivate you to undergo a facelift, the most important thing is to feel satisfied with your new image. Of course, the results will have a positive impact in all the areas of your life.

Other complementary alternatives

Are there other procedures that complement the results of a facelift? The answer is yes.

Eyelid or eyebrow lifts are the most common alternatives, because they focus on rejuvenating the eyes.

In some cases, fat grafting or fillings are recommended to replace the lost volume around the eyes.

What results can you expect from a facelift?

You should be aware that a facelift will not stop the aging signs. However, it “turns back the clock” allowing you to look 10 to 15 years younger.

A facelift can only be done surgically. All non-surgical treatments can “temporary” help; however, for a long-term result and a better investment, we recommend choosing a facelift.

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