Many women fear their presence. Although wrinkles are directly related to age, they also appear due to factors such as skin type, diet, hydration, sun exposure and smoking, among others.

However, a good daily routine for skin care can delay or diminish their appearance. Follow these health and beauty tips for a firm and glowing skin for longer time.

Basic Care

Mainly, you should create the habit of taking care of your skin to keep it clean, hydrated, and protected. No solution will be permanent, if you do not follow a beauty routine that will help you to enhance the appearance of your skin.

Focus on adopting a hydration routine that includes moisturizing cream, special makeup and masks. Also, include a frequent exfoliation routine for your face and body.

You should not forget that continuous sun exposure is an important aging factor; therefore, you should protect your skin by applying sunscreens.

Lastly, your diet, rest, and healthy lifestyle in general also play an important role in taking care of your skin.

You can check out this article about the basic care routine of Korean women, who are envied worldwide for their radiant and smooth skin.

Also, an alternative for moisturizing and improve skin's elasticity is to use natural oil as a moisturizer. Coconut and chamomile oil have gained popularity because their benefits for skin elasticity.

Deep Exfoliation

If you want to have beautiful and radiant skin for a special occasion, then you can undergo a HydraFacial® treatment which rejuvenates, detoxes, protects, and moisturizes the skin.

Because of its advanced technology, it is possible to stimulate the skin´s natural restoration without pain and a recovery time.

This treatment smooth and re texturize the skin, reduces fine wrinkles, hydrates, and lightens sun-damaged skin. The great advantage of HydraFacial® is the results are evident immediately following treatment, which makes a favorite among women before a special event such as a wedding or an important social occasion.

Talk to a specialized doctor to know the different treatment options that can help you have a more youthful and radiant look.

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