The appearance of your skin is the result of how much you take care of your body, not only by using moisturizers or the best makeup, but also by having a healthy diet and hydration as part of your daily habits.

There is a saying “you are what you eat” which is extremely true for skin appearance, smoothness, and elasticity. To have a radiant and beautiful skin, you can start by eating the following foods:

Preventing Dry Skin

You need a lot of nutrients to prevent dry skin, besides keeping yourself hydrated by drinking enough water.

To improve your skin hydration, it is recommended to eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 keeps your skin smooth, improves elasticity, and reduces small expression lines and wrinkles.

Also, eat salmon and avocado, which are superfoods that keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness.

Glowing Skin

Stress, environmental factors, and an unhealthy diet contribute to the loss of luminosity of your skin. Adding green leafy vegetables to your diet is a simple way to get a radiant skin, because they have plenty of vitamins, nutrients, and essential antioxidants.

Eat spinach, kale, and arugula to have glowing skin all day long. You can add grapefruits and Brussels sprouts to have spectacular results.

Keeping your Skin Soft and Smooth

Foods rich in Vitamin B and antioxidants are key for a soft and smooth skin. In addition to routinely use moisturizers, eat dark chocolate (moderately), bananas, and eggs.

Specific Treatments to Keep your Skin Looking Beautiful

Besides following a balanced and healthy diet, enhance your beauty with Medical Spa treatments that will help you take care of your skin too, while you enjoy it and relax as you deserve it.

This treatments can help you improve the appearance of your skin:

  • Light chemical peels: It is a non-invasive medical treatment that rejuvenates the appearance of your skin. This chemical peel speeds up the cell regeneration process, resulting in a radiant and youthful face.
  • Hydrafacial®: It is an exfoliant treatment that removes dead cells from the skin, removes impurities, and, at the same time, helps treat the skin with moisturizing serums and moisturizers (5 procedures in 1, per session).
  • Deep Face Cleansing: It is a treatment to help remove dead skin cells, removes blackheads, and tones facial muscles with face massages, which helps to slow the aging process.

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