Many patients are looking for fuller and youthful lips to enhance their beauty. Regularly, fuller lips are associated with a sexier appearance.

As we grow old, the contour and shape of our lips could start to decline. Also, this effect is increased if the person has naturally thin lips.

Procedures to improve the appearance of your lips, like lip lift and augmentation, could help fight the negative effects of natural aging, naturally thin lips, or enhance the face’s harmony by modifying their volume.

Whichever is your objective, lip lift or augmentation, facial cosmetic surgery is an excellent option because it helps create a youthful appearance, enhancing the beauty and self-esteem of the patients.

We will let you know how to have an ideal profile with two different procedures, which are their advantages and objectives, and what happens during each one:

Lip augmentation procedures

There are different ways to achieve lip augmentation. The following techniques stand out:

Fat Grafting: The procedure consists of extracting a small amount of abdomen, waist, or buttocks fat, which is filtered to obtain fat cells that are injected in the desired area, in this case the lips, achieving natural results without negative reactions for the patient.

Fillers: The objective of this technique is to increase the volume and smooth out wrinkles around the lips. It consists of injecting small amounts of filling gel  fillers (such as Restylane® or Juvéderm® Plus) in one or both lips. Fillings Fillers are a temporal procedure, depending on your lifestyle the result may last from 6 months up to a year.

Implants: They are another permanent solution for lip augmentation. Implants are soft and flexible made of silicone. It is an outpatient procedure. Implants are placed through a small incision, giving projection, a sexier appearance, and lasting results.

Lip lift

With time, some aging signs start to show in our faces, and one of them is the change in the upper lip in and the philtrum (the space between the upper lip and the nasal base). To counter this process, lip lift or a shortening procedure have rejuvenating results in the expression of the upper lip and philtrum, allowing you to look more youthful with the new proportions that are recovered.

This is also an outpatient surgery with local anesthesia, so most patients can resume their normal activities a week after the surgery.

Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about which is the best option that will help enhance your beauty and which are the specific considerations that you need to take into account to have spectacular and sensual lips

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