Liposuction is an excellent alternative to enhance your figure and allows you to get rid of unwanted fat deposits that just won’t disappear with diet and exercise.

As you know, liposuction is not a weight loss method and the recommendation of any cosmetic surgeon should be that the patient should invest some time in adopting an exercise routine and healthy diet to reach their ideal weight before undergoing a surgical procedure.

There are several reasons for this, but the main one that dictates why surgeons recommend losing weight before liposuction is to instill in their patient’s healthy lifestyle habits that they can resume after the surgery.

After the procedure, it is extremely important to follow a healthy diet and an exercise routine, so you can be sure that the zone or area treated with liposuction will not accumulate new fat deposits. The extracted fat will not regenerate.

Specifically, patients that do not continue exercising after this type of surgery will suffer weight gain and they will notice a homogeneous increase of fatty tissue.

Recommended Exercises

The recovery period of a fat elimination surgery allows patients to resume gentle physical activity a few days after the procedure. Gentle physical activity includes housework and quiet walks.

It is very important to resume physical activity after two days because it helps avoid blood clot formation after surgery.

Besides this, these are some recommendations for resuming your routine as soon as possible:

Aerobic Exercises: After the surgery, you should start with walks, and, depending on the instructions of your surgeon and the limitations of your body, you can resume your daily routine gradually and totally a month after the surgery. By this point, you can resume exercises like running, riding a bike, and doing aerobic activities like spinning and aerobics.

Endurance Exercises: As with aerobic exercises, you should resume your weight lifting or endurance routine gradually, depending on your body’s tolerance, and allow yourself a recovery of at least a month after the surgery. You should pay close attention to how your body reacts after exercising, and, in case of pain, discomfort, or any other issue, you should seek attention or advice from your surgeon.

Post-surgical massages are an excellent option to optimize your recovery and results. In Clínica de Cirugía Cosmética, they are part of our patients’ recovery process. These massages have the objective of reducing fibrosis and improving even more the results of the surgery. Patients that decide to get the massage sessions recommended by the surgeon have better results, a more favorable recovery, and guarantee their well-being and satisfaction.

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