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Clínica de Cirugía Cosmética offers for your convenience. Local telephone numbers, with no long..

My thoughts: My Paris experience

“Medicine is a discipline where it is imperative to continue learning and researching”

One of..

Keep calm, Dr. Salas is your surgeon

Dr. José Luis Salas, M.D.

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The cosmetic Surgery industry estimated to rise to..

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Facelift Surgery in California

The State of California and its surrounding areas are known to..

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Choosing to go under the knife for breast augmentation is a big enough decision, but the..

Buttocks Augmentation with Liposuction

Buttocks augmentation with fat transfer thanks to a liposuction procedure is a safe and..

The new non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Looking your best at any age

Soft Lift is a new treatment that combines the benefits of BOTOX..