If you have been planning to undergo a cosmetic surgery that will help you enhance your beauty, you should consider that your usual routine will have to be modified, at least, for a couple of weeks before you can show the world your new look.

So, once you make the decision of which procedure you want to undergo, the next step is to plan which is the ideal moment for surgery, so your routine is less affected.

Between commitments, family and work plans, you need to find a space for your personal plans. In Clínica de Cirugía Cosmética e Integral, we consider that one of the best seasons to undergo and recover from a cosmetic surgery is winter. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Recovery period is easier

Many people doubt about undergoing a surgical procedure because of the time that it takes to recover. Even though not much can be done about it, winter months regularly invite you to spend more time at home and do less outdoors activities, which helps you relax, have a better control of your healthy lifestyle, and rest at home.

Besides, it is, in many cases, a vacations and holidays season which can help you not to miss work and your daily responsibilities that much.

2. You can cover the dressings better

Because it is cold in winter, you usually use layers of clothes to get warm. Warm clothes also help to hide dressings and post-surgical garments, so you can go out without attracting unwanted attention.

3. It is easier to hide from the sun

Direct sun exposure and heat are bad for your skin, especially when you are in the recovery and wound healing period of a surgery.

Too much sunlight exposure can increase blood flow, causing swelling. This could not only delay the recovery, but most importantly, it could affect the final results of the surgery.

During winter, sunlight time and heat last less, and their intensity also diminishes. Winter also helps stay indoors and use warm clothes.

4. Be summer ready

There is no problem with undergoing surgery during the summer; however, the results of most of these procedures are totally healed and unswollen one to six months after the surgery.

If your summer plans include going to the beach, spending time with your family, and enjoying the sun, then you should schedule your surgery during winter to be completely healed before the summer.

5. The perfect gift

Winter is a time to celebrate and give gifts. A cosmetic procedure is the perfect gift that you can give yourself to start the year on the right foot. ¡Enhance your appearance and give yourself the care that you deserve!

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